My name is Toni Childs. I am a three-time Grammy nominated recording artist, and an Emmy Winner for the song ‘Because You're Beautiful’. This is my love song to the women of the world. It is my deepest hope and intention that we, the women of Planet Earth, will collectively choose to truly experience what it is to love ourselves.

Over the next 15 years Cause: You're Beautiful will Wrap the World in Beauty by launching five spontaneous global events that celebrate our humanity and the planet we live on. These global events are aimed at uniting us in a world that appears to be directing its focus on what divides us. You'll find that the main topic of this site will change every two years, always with the intention to support humanity's leap into the next level of evolution.

At present, our focus is supporting and celebrating the women of Planet Earth. It's time to celebrate that our true nature is our beauty, that the way we value ourselves ignites our power - our true and right place in this amazing experience called Planet Earth requires us to cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves by listening deeply to our heart's desire and taking the appropriate action.

I believe each woman is a Living Beauty — a Divine Deeply Powerful Feminine Being who struggles to live out her promise to herself. It's time to wake the Sleeping Beauty that lives inside all of us!

Here are two simple actions you can take right now:

1) Take a moment to Declare who you are right now, and what you are wanting to create in your life.

2) Become one of ten million individuals who will Wrap the World in Beauty with me! The only question is can you keep a secret?

Join Toni and the 54 women in the “Because You're Beautiful” video. Declare right now who you are and what you want to manifest in your life